Client-Centered Representation and Legal Service Delivery Meets the Modern Era

My law practice is unique, because I have designed the way that I practice law, communicate with clients, and deliver and bill for legal services to fit the modern era.

In structuring my law practice, I seek to modernize the practice and process of law by implementing three fundamental pillars:

Pillar One: Using the remote office model to meet clients where they are and communicate with them more efficiently

Pillar Two: Expanding the services a lawyer provides beyond the traditional model by providing limited scope representation and legal counseling services

Pillar Three: Offering flex and tiered billing rates to scale the price to match the services

The model was developed through a combination of research on market trends in other fields, emerging trends and findings related to the future of the legal profession, and (lots of) continuous reflection on what I would like to provide to others and how to achieve that goal. 

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