Freelance Attorney Work

For practicing attorneys, my law firm provides as-needed, project-based freelance legal services to give you the support you need without having to hire an associate attorney or having to turn away clients because there's not enough time in the day. 

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What is Freelance Attorney Work?

Freelance attorney work is an arrangement between two practicing attorneys where the "hiring attorney" contracts with a "freelance attorney" on an independent contractor basis. The employment relationship is project-based, rather than on an employer-employee basis. The freelance attorney has the flexibility to take on multiple projects at once and control the type of cases/projects that he or she performs. The hiring attorney has the flexibility to contract out parts of a case without losing business or spending unnecessary amounts of money on hiring an associate, when all they really need is an occasional help from a licensed attorney. 

What Kind of Work Can A Freelance Attorney Do for You?

Examples of projects that can be contracted out to a freelance attorney include:

  1. Discovery review
  2. Appellate work 
  3. Legal research
  4. Closing document preparation for real estate transactions
  5. Contract drafting or review

These are just a few examples of types of freelance attorney work available. The type of project-based work that a freelance attorney can perform for a hiring attorney or law firm is vast and largely depends on the availability of the freelance attorney and the ethical rules. By contracting out part of a case or transaction to a freelance attorney, the hiring attorney can increase productivity and free up internal resources. Since the freelance attorney is an independent contractor, you only pay for what you need, when you need it - without having to turn away clients or hire a new associate attorney. 

How Much Does a Freelance Attorney Charge?

The billing rate depends on the duration of the project, the type of work involved, the area, and what the freelance attorney will be doing. For projects where the work involved is more or less predictable (i.e., drafting closing documents for a real estate transaction), the amount of time and legal research is stable. In that case, the hiring and freelance attorneys will be able to negotiate a flat rate for completion of the project. 

In drafting any freelance attorney contract, remember to check the rules of your jurisdiction that govern billing, referral, contingent fee, and fee-sharing arrangements. As a general matter, attorneys are not allowed to split fees. As such, an agreement where a freelance attorney only gets paid if a transaction closes or the hiring attorney's client wins (i.e., contingent fees) are likely not allowed. When you are negotiating fees and billing rates with a freelance attorney, keep this in mind and make sure that you and the freelance attorney discuss this prior to entering into an agreement. 

In my own practice, the pricing models that I use for direct clients are also appropriate for the work that I do as a freelance attorney. 

Interested in finding out more about what a freelance attorney can do for your law firm? Contact me today for a no-obligation conversation. 

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