General Law Consultations and Basic Assessments

To practice what I preach and make legal services accessible, I have expanded my practice to include general law consultations, initial case evaluations, and contextual legal research and advice based on your situation. 

Have a legal question and looking for advice from an attorney? Contact my firm today to find out what I can do to help. Click here to fill out an intake sheet and I will follow-up with you as soon as I can.  

The general legal consultations and assessments are a legal service I provide to seek to fill the gap between surface-level initial consultations and a long-term, "big-ticket" attorney-client commitment. The reason that I offer these and have chosen to highlight this service is twofold: 

(1) People might shy away from hiring an attorney to give them legal advice because of the high cost

(2) People might be hesitant to hire an attorney to give them general legal advice because they think that they can or should only hire attorneys for "big" legal problems

To address these possible concerns, I have developed a practice model that strives to accomplish two things:

(1) Encourage people to seek out and hire an attorney to generally advise them on their situation by offering alternative, low cost pricing options that is tailored to fit the legal services needed (rather than a high-cost, one size fits all model)

(2) Providing people with the option to hire an attorney to perform legal research and give them legal advice beyond the initial consultation but without the "big ticket" commitment

To learn more about my vision and general goals, read my blog post about modernizing delivery of client-centered legal services and representation by redefining the role of attorneys as legal adviser and counselor. While this legal service cannot cover every possible legal issue or provide the answers to everything that you may be wondering, what is does provide is a middle ground and give you some direction in your quest for legal answers and exploration of your legal options. 

Have a legal question and looking for advice from an attorney? Contact my firm today to find out what I can do to help. Click here to fill out an intake sheet and I will follow-up with you as soon as I can.  

The general legal consultation and legal advice I can provide here is a form of limited scope representation. I am your attorney and represent you for the purpose of giving you general legal advice for targeted legal questions that you have, in the context of your situation. Depending on what our specific agreement is, my representation of you ends (and I am not your attorney) when I complete the legal service outlined. You have the option to hire me to perform additional legal services, in which case we would discuss this further and you have the option to sign a new engagement letter and fee agreement.

Oftentimes, when someone comes in for the initial consultation, the types of legal advice that an attorney can provide are limited by the format. The person provides basic information to the attorney and the attorney gives general information about the person's situation. While this does help people to glean general guidance on their options, the limited format may not give the attorney the opportunity to provide and the person the opportunity to receive more targeted, detailed legal advice. By adjusting the perception of what an attorney does and modifying pricing options, there can be an accessible and affordable continuum in the legal services available. 

Note: The information provided on this website is purely information. Any examples given are purely examples and may not apply to every situation. Descriptions or discussions of legal services are given to explain general possibilities. Available legal services will be determined on a case-by-case basis after the attorney and the potential client have had a discussion. See Disclaimer and Terms of Use for more information. 

Initial Consultations

The Law Office of Rachael J. Leah, LLC offers a no-obligation 60-minute initial consultation for just $25. For more information, visit the "About My Firm" page on the website.

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