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Rachael J. Leah, LLC

Law Office of Rachael J. Leah, LLC

Legal Services that are Affordable, Accessible, and Adaptable.

The Law Office of Rachael J. Leah, LLC is a cloud-based law practice that operates remotely out of DeKalb County, Illinois. Counties that my firm serves includes:

  • DuPage
  • DeKalb
  • Cook
  • Kane
  • Kankakee
  • Lake
  • Will

Note - Since I run a virtual law office that handles cases remotely, I may be able to assist you even if you are outside of those regions. Please contact my office for more information.

Have a legal question and looking for advice from an attorney? Contact my firm today to find out what I can do to help. Click here to fill out an intake sheet and I will follow-up with you as soon as I can.  

To learn more about how the remote, virtual law office process works, click here.

Practice Areas

Cloud-Based Solutions

The cloud based practice model means that my law office essentially goes where you go. My firm has integrated web and mobile applications that streamline the intake, payment, and communication processes. With the help of technology, both the attorney and the client can spend less time on data entry and unnecessary, traditional office visits, creating more time to spend on crafting and implementing a case management plan that is efficient and tailored to meet the client's situation.

A virtual office space that works remotely also lowers my operating costs and creates a flexible attorney-client space that fits the modern era. Traditional face-to-face meetings are available when needed or preferred, and I will work with you to arrange a meeting location that is convenient for you.

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Initial Consultations

The Law Office of Rachael J. Leah, LLC offers a no-obligation 60-minute initial consultation for just $25. For more information, visit the "About My Firm" page on the website.

Contact My Office

Telephone: (630) 696-2442
Or you can send me a message using the “Contact My Office” form on the website.